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That one character apping thing meme what.


Wolfram von Bielefeld from "Kyou Kara Maou" (notjealous)
App Percentage: 79.2%
Played From: May 2005 to present!
That's How Long? Nineteen months.
Total Comments: 22,153
Overall Pecentage: 75%
Reason For Apping: Then-Raito and now-Ray told me about CFUD and badged me until I relented and decided I did, in fact, have time to do a crack RPG. I chose Wolfram because I was hugely into KKM and Wolfram was just adorable. And. That's really it.
Select Option 3? Sometimes Wolfram really tires me out and I just go, "..asdjkl AUGH." So then I leave him alone for a while and play other people. And then I realize that I don't have to drop him, haaa.

Quatre Raberba Winner from "Gundam Wing" (quatrethewin)
App Percentage: 90.4%, and 80.3%
Played From: September 2005 to January 2006, and now December 2006 to present!
That's How Long? Technically five, but I consider it really three; sixish!
Total Comments: 1189 (half of these are from the last week, srsly)
Overall Pecentage: 4%
Reason For Dropping/Apping: I didn't play him. Point blank. I really had to think when I replied with him, and it wasn't fun. I reapped because Heero and Duo in camp are awesome, and I suddenly really wanted to play him again -- I rewatched Gundam Wing and fell in love with him again, and just. ♥ Hopefully I won't tire of him again. :\ I'm really enjoying playing him this time around.
Select Option 3? I think rewatching GW really helped me this time around. I have a far better grasp on his character and... well, yes. You may put it in if you have to. ♥ (I-I have all my ambiguous blonds back.)

Aziraphale from "Good Omens" (southern_pansy)
App Percentage: 81.6%
Played From: January 2006 to present!
That's How Long? Twelve months!
Total Comments: 2146
Overall Pecentage: 7.3%
Reason For Apping: Lee signed onto IRC and said something along the lines of "DOES ANYONE WANT TO APP CROWLEY TO MY AZIRAPHALE?!" and I went, "...yes." And then somewhere along the line we switched apps and the rest is history. I really don't play Aziraphale a lot, but he's... really not that sociable, and I think I bring him out whenever something appeals to him, heh. I love playing him, and he's my favorite character in GO probably -- and he's so prickly and British and ♥♥♥. ... Yeah, so when it all comes down to it I'm kind of okay I fail at spamming. XD
Select options 3? Aziraphale owns your entire soul. PS, someone app Crowley. That is all. :D

Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie from "Veronica Mars" (macintech)
App Percentage: 78.2%
Played From: June 2006 to present!
That's How Long? Six months.
Total Comments: 1357
Overall Pecentage: 4.6%
Reason For Apping: I wanted a girl, and someone who could make modern-day jokes. Seriously. And then I realized, ... Mac! &hearts' Again, I fail at spamming with her, but I'm okay with that. She's fun, and she's spunky, and it gives me a reason to interact with the superheroes and whatnot. She'd be the first to go if I realized I couldn't manage playing five characters, which makes me sad because I love her, but -- I think she's really the only character that I wouldn't emo over someone else playing, heh.
Select Option 3? DO NOT WANT uh. I think Mac will be the only girl I ever RP in this game. Er. Is that bad? I don't know.

Benton Fraser from "due South" (dudleydo_right)
App Percentage: 78.7%
Played From: July 2006 to present!
That's How Long? Five months.
Total Comments: 2563
Overall Pecentage: 8.7%
Reason For Apping: ...is "Ray and I are fabulous retards" a reasonable excuse? Because uhm. I am the Fraser to her Ray. It's kind of the established principle. She yells at me and I act all spoil-sporty. It's kind of our dynamic. :)
Select Option 3? Watch my canon. It is pretty, and hilarious, and full of Canadians.


I've played here HOW long? A year and a half. Plus or minus a month. SINCE MAY OF '05 ownzd.
Overall Comment Count: 29,408
Average Comments Per Day: About 51! This is. Really good for me.
Shortest Kept: ...Quatre? :D
Longest Kept: Wolfram, yo. He's starting to be one of the oldest people, camp-wise.
Most Played: Wolfram (22,153, 75%)
Least Played: Quatre (1189, 4%)
Highest Percentage: first Quatre app (90.3%)
Lowest Percentage: Mac (78.2%)

Character Balancing! ... I blame the fact that Wolfram has egregiously more comments on the fact that I've had him for forever, and also on that 2000+ long AU. And... all those other AUs that he's been in. Uh. Yeah. I don't comment as much as some of the well-known spammers of the comm, but I do my part! :D And I'm actually really happy where I am in playing some of the lower-commenters, because... frankly, Aziraphale sits in his library all day and reads his books and don't touch anything or he'll cut you. :\ The only person I know I need to play more is Mac. Yes.

Apping and Dropping Rate! ... Well, it was just 1/5 drops, but since I've reapped him, uh. The five characters above are the only characters I have ever apped, and I fully plan on it staying that way. I really don't get a lot of... uh, urges? to app people, and when I do I kind of go, "...OMG YES," and there's no help for me. So, I've never apped anyone but them and now I've never dropped any of them either. :)
Tags: meme
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