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Stats and Permissions Meme!

Name: Wolfram von Bielefeld
Age: 82; aged to 83 in camp
Height: Never stated canonically, as far as I know. Roughly 5'5"-6", I assume.
Eyes: Emerald Green Orbs
Hair: Golden Blond Locks

Medical Info: Mazoku! Ages five times slower than humans, approximately. Has a weakness to head injuries, thank you camp. Has a slightly above average body temperature and gets cold way too easily. Also, can have babies. :D

Physical Traits: Wolfram brings dying men back to life with his beauty. Yuuri's first thought upon seeing him is "bishounen". The boy's gorgeous. He's his mother, younger and male. He's muscular from training, and at least one guy on his personal guard is in love with him.

What's Okay to Mention: Anything. He can and will go from calm to psychotic in .6 seconds if you insult his family, or if you in any way critique Yuuri or mock their relationship, but frankly I think it's funny to watch him flip out. Anything that is common knowledge or something your characters would know is fair game.

Notes For the Psychics: Wolfram's extremely passionate; he's probably as easy to read as a book. Under the surface he's extremely insecure, so anyone with psychic ability would probably notice that.

Abilities: He uses fire maryoku. This essentially means he can summon fire and command it to do basically anything he wants to. He's an extremely powerful maryoku user and is only getting better, and he can control it very well. He's also rather skilled with a sword.

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: Am kind of finicky about them? But don't let that dissuade you! Ask away. :)

Hugging/Kissing: ...these are both perfectly fine, but please understand that you are putting your character in mortal danger. :Db Wolfram will (nearly) without fail respond badly.

Fighting: Wolfram's a shounen retard, for all he doesn't act like it. He loves to spar/train. He's easy to piss off, and will fight if he feels it's appropriate. Normally it'd be nice to drop me a line? But this is FUN and also awesome. But yes, communication is good.

Killing: Wolfram saves, but... I don't think you'd ever want to incur the wrath of all the mazoku in camp. And probably Tot and Ken. And possibly the preacher. Yeah. If Wolfram's ever in a situation where he's close to death I assume we'll be communicating, and it'll be touch-and-go from there! So it's definitely a possibility. But all I forsee in this future is wangst.

Cooking: ...Wolfram can bake because Gwendal taught him how, and he can follow orders well enough to not ruin anything. He doesn't cook for himself, but he'd probably cook for Yuuri and serve the poor Maou some terrifying dish with a deaththreat attached. :\
Tags: meme, ooc
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