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KKM, and Massive Linkage

Tags: canon, episodes, pimping
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Deleted comment

I would be thrilled to help! Uhm, this LJ has the entire series (though I'm not sure what the "rules for downloading" are). If that doesn't work, I'd be happy to upload the needed episodes for you!

I love helping introduce people to the crack.

Deleted comment

It's no problem, really. I'm thrilled to be of help!

HAHA! I am greatly pleased by this. :D (They are unique snowflakes!) And ha! Thanks for the pimp. ♥


March 27 2010, 19:05:43 UTC 8 years ago

dunno where to download them , but u can watch them online at nwanime.com....they have all the episodes...
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March 27 2010, 19:03:38 UTC 8 years ago

umm...was wondering if it would be possible to put together an appeal for a season four from all kkm fans....i can't live without my daily dose of wolfram and yuri..........please reply..
I'm especially interested in the planning phase,

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